GD Collector – 25.001

Last updated on 15 October, 2022

GD 25.001 will be released October 25th, 2017 to replace GD 25.000, which was released early September. We have subsequently identified an issue in GD 25.000 that could cause problems with PowerShell script execution under certain conditions. With GD 25.000, we improved the ability of the Collector to trap PowerShell exceptions, and it is possible this would terminate PowerShell script execution for otherwise harmless errors. We have corrected and thoroughly tested this in GD 25.001. 

If you’ve upgraded to 25.000 and have not experienced these issues, you are welcome to continue with GD 25.000. However, if you have noticed any trouble with PowerShell collection – or just want to be cautious – please upgrade to version 25.001 at your convenience.