Platform Release Notes Timeline

Last updated on 27 March, 2024

April 15, 2024

v.203 Release Notes

Feature Highlights

  • Usage Reporting for APM Traces
  • Usage Reporting for APM Synthetics
  • Revert module origin

Monitoring Updates

  • New EventSource to monitor AWS Organizational Health event log using the AWS Health API
  • New monitoring for Azure Service Bus Topic

March 27, 2024

v.202 Release Notes

Feature Highlights

  • Launch of LM Co-Pilot
  • Node Grouping for Dynamic Maps
  • General Availability of Usage Reporting
  • Usage Reporting for Cloud

Monitoring Updates

  • New monitoring for Cisco Meraki MT-series IoT sensors
  • Added Meraki API-based LogSource for Security Events
  • Updated modules for VMware and Aruba EdgeConnect

March 04, 2024

v.201 Release Notes


  • Feature Highlights: New APC Netshelter Rack Power Distribution Unit Advanced Modules.
  • General Highlights: Added resource usage in cloud account information. Added support for Queue and topic-level instance discovery in Azure Service Bus. Access data point analysis from dashboards. Updated maximum password length for all users. Added mapping support for Azure logs with the LM portal. Added node grouping for saved maps.
  • Monitoring Updates: New modules added for Cisco Catalyst, VMware VeloCloud monitoring with VMWare SD-WAN, and Cisco Meraki for better monitoring solutions.

February 14, 2024

v.200 Release Notes


  • Feature Highlights: Cisco Catalyst Center’s Intent API Modules, Addition of Alert Tuning Parameters
  • General Highlights: New supported cloud services, Delta Support for API, Identify Usage of LogicMonitor REST API Versions based on Users
  • Monitoring Updates: Monitor Catalyst Wireless Access Points in a Cisco Catalyst Center environment, VMware modules post-release fixes, Added filtering to exclude instances with null values for id or sensor name

January 29, 2024

v.199 Release Notes

Updated on 2 February, 2024

Fixed an issue that caused Active Discovery to experience delayed performance. As a result, the Use Status column in My Module Toolbox has temporarily been removed from the interface.


  • Feature Highlights: Override name conflict when installing a module from Exchange.
  • General Highlights: Integrate multiple LogicMonitor portals with Slack. Enhancements to Tracing landing page.

January 03, 2024

v.198 Release Notes


  • Feature Highlights: New modules for Oracle MySQL 8.x. Monitoring for Prisma SD-WAN (formerly CloudGenix) with Palo Alto Networks. Bearer token support for Python and GO SDK. Added ability to update cloned modules.
  • General Highlights: Blocked Bearer token access to use LM REST API v4. Support to monitor ECR metrics. Ability to disable the Test Script button while creating LogicModules using Groovy scripts. Support to add single or multiple email domains to the allowlist.
  • Monitoring Updates: Added support for MX models which use lan1 and lan4 as wan1 and wan2 interfaces. New monitoring for Palo Alto Prisma SD-WANs using the Unified SASE SD-WAN API.

December 11, 2023

v.197 Release Notes


  • Feature Highlights:Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN Modules. Added New slash ( / ) command in LM Slack Integration. New UI Access for all LogicMonitor Portals. Usage Reporting for SaaS Monitoring. Email for two-factor authentication.
  • General Highlights: Added New SLA Calculation Method. Added Service Support for AWS QuickSight Dashboards. Email notifications for User Account Changes. Removed “In” Comparison Operator from the Windows Event LogSource type. “Blank” Status Available in Toolbox.
  • Monitoring Updates: New DataSources added for monitoring AWS QuickSight dashboards. Added new modules to update Silverpeak monitoring with Aruba EdgeConnect SDWAN APIs and best practices.

November 16, 2023

v.196 Release Notes

Updated on November 23, 2023

Feature Highlights

  • The Delta support for v3 API feature will be rolled out to customers in batches.


  • Feature Highlights: New log alert types. Delta support for API.
  • General Highlights: General availability of Multi Sign-On. New use status for modules and ability to import from file in My Module Toolbox for the new UI.
  • Monitoring Updates: New Meraki monitoring coverage for health and performance of cellular gateways. Added support for SNMPv3 properties.

October 26, 2023

v.195 Release Notes


  • Feature Highlights: Datapoint Analysis. New Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN modules.Enhancements to Cisco Meraki Modules.
  • Monitoring Updates: New module to support the status page provider, Instatus. New modules to connect cloud devices and Kubernetes devices using common AWS and Azure properties.

October 12, 2023

v.194 Release Notes


  • Feature Highlights: Enhancements to visual components in Usage Reporting. Release of LogicMonitor Opentelemetry Collector 3.0.0. Release of Container Monitoring 5.1.0. Enhancements to LogicMonitor Custom Alert Email Delivery integration.
  • Monitoring Updates: New modules to support AWS Database Instances and Clusters monitoring structure.
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