Dashboards and Widgets

Sharing and Exporting/Importing Dashboards

In this support article, we discuss two methods for sharing dashboards with other users.

Sharing Dashboards via Email

Dashboard sharing via email allows you to send a dashboard snapshot to colleagues or customers. This is particularly useful for generating a visual report of your infrastructure's overall status at a specific moment in time.

Dashboards are shared as linked web pages. Recipients are given read-only access to shared dashboards.

To share a dashboard via email:

  1. Open the dashboard you would like to share.
  2. Click the v icon in the upper right corner of the Dashboard page and select "Share" from the drop-down menu that appears, as shown next.

  3. Complete the Share dialog box that appears. While completing, keep the following tips in mind:
    • The Share with… Users field will only populate with LogicMonitor user accounts. If you need to send the dashboard to an individual external to your LogicMonitor account, use the Share with… Other Emails field.
    • Dashboards with more than 100 widgets cannot be shared via email.
    • The "apply time range to account" button is available on shared dashboards' widgets. In practice, this will apply the desired time range configured on one graph to the rest of your shared dashboards' widgets. Please note that, because shared dashboards' data is static, it is possible that some graphs will be blank when this option is selected. This happens when the configured time range is outside the graphs' time window at the time it was shared.
  4. Once the share settings have been configured, click Share.

Exporting/Importing Dashboards and Dashboard Groups

You can import or export dashboards from your account as a JSON file. This enables LogicMonitor users to harness the creativity of our customer base and share dashboard templates. This is particularly useful if you have tokenized your dashboards and widgets. Doing so allows you to simply replace token values to populate imported dashboards with new data.

Users can import dashboards that have been shared with them by navigating to Dash | Add | From file and simply uploading the received JSON file. In order to export a dashboard, navigate to Dash | Manage Dashboards | Export. This will instantly download a JSON file that you can share.

You can export a dashboard group simply by selecting the cog "Manage" icon in the Dashboard tree and selecting "Export" from the Manage Dashboard Group dialog box. This will automatically export a JSON file consisting of your entire dashboard group. A user can then import a dashboard group in the same manner as importing a single dashboard (e.g. Dash | Add | From File).