MGD Collector 33.007

Last updated on 27 March, 2024

LogicMonitor MGD Collector 33.007 is released on October 06, 2023. GD Collector 33.007 is designated as MGD Collector 33.007, and includes the following updates:

Fixed Issue

  • Fixed an issue where after upgrading Linux collector to GD Collector 33.006, the value in the Service Group field was overwritten. This prevented Logicmonitor-agent service from starting when the group was non-existent. After implementing the fix, Logicmonitor-agent service is able to start successfully. This is applicable only to collectors running as non-root, and where the non-root username and group name are different.

Included Versions

MGD Collector 33.007 also includes the following GD and patch releases.

VersionKey Highlights
GD Collector 33.006
  • Fixed collector upgrade issue that led to re-importing obsolete CAs in the upgraded JRE.
GD Collector 33.005
  • Fixed an issue where even after upgrading to GD Collector 33.002, there was a spike in SPSE and PowerShell tasks timed out.
GD Collector 33.004
  • Fixed an issue where collector stopped responding and reported that the Host Status IdleInterval increased for all monitored hosts, and created multiple HostStatus alerts.
GD Collector 33.003
  • Fixed an issue where when you upgrade a docker collector from root to non-root using the script, the script failed and led to errors.
  • Fixed an issue where the chronicle map of script cache crashed due to corrupt cache file and led to high CPU spike in collectors.
GD Collector 33.002
  • Increased the SPSE thread count and queue size of collectors of different sizes.
  • Fixed an issue where after upgrading to GD C33.001, certain datasources if timed out during active discovery led to an exception and exited the SPSE threads. 
GD Collector 33.001
  • Fixed an issue where Active Discovery scripts behaved differently and failed to collect data when evaluating an undefined property (for example, host property does not exist).
  • Upgraded Apache ivy to version 2.5.1, netty-common to version netty-common-4.1.79.Final jar, and aws-java-sdk-s3 to version aws-java-sdk-s3-1.12.264 jar for various minor security updates.
GD Collector 33.000
  • Upgraded hsqldb jar to version 2.7.1 for a minor security update.
EA Collector 32.400
  • Added the script to roll back migrating Linux collector from root to non-root user.
  • Improved the Enhanced Script NetScan feature by enabling NetScan to assign a single device to multiple resource groups.