Oracle databases are monitored using the JDBC collector to collect, graph and alert on Oracle-provided statistical information. It is also possible to add custom datasources to more closely monitor the function of your Oracle applications.


Configuring the Default Datasources

In order to use our default Oracle datasources, your DMBS must be listening on the standard port 1521. You must have an Oracle user with the necessary permissions to select from V$SYSSTAT and V$LIBRARYCACHE (If desired). The host must have the following properties associated:

  • - The username for the applicable credentials
  • - The password for the applicable credentials
  • dbname - The service name for the Oracle database


More Sophisticated Monitoring

If you have more than one Oracle instance on a host, or are using a non-standard port, the standard datasources can be cloned and modified or made more flexible. Contact support for more details.