About the Account Information Page

Available under Settings | Account Information, the Account Information page has three tabs of settings:  


On the Contacts tab, you can also establish primary and secondary contacts for your LogicMonitor account. Notifications related to upcoming upgrades, billing issues, and other important account communications will be delivered to these contacts.

You can also view the number of devices associated with your account, broken out by device type, on this tab.

Portal Settings

As shown (and discussed) next, there are eight primary settings you can establish on the Portal Settings tab.

Time Zone

To set a time zone, hover over the map and click a highlighted region or select a time zone from the drop-down menu.

Note: Only time zones tied to a city name (e.g. "America/Los_Angeles" as shown in the above screenshot) will auto-update according to Daylight Saving Time schedules; time zones that are prepended with "UTC" will not.

Note: As discussed in Users, time zones can additionally be configured on a per-user basis. This allows users to view and configure time-based data and settings relative to their local region.

Company Display Name

The company name entered here displays throughout your LogicMonitor account interface.

Alert Totals

From this area of the tab, check one or both of the options to include acknowledged and/or SDT (scheduled down time) alerts in the dynamic alert count that displays in the left-hand main navigation menu.

IP Whitelist

If you wish to restrict the IP addresses that can access your LogicMonitor account, you can define a whitelist of allowed IPs from this area of the tab. The whitelisted IP addresses entered here must represent the public Internet facing IP addresses, not those used internally to an enterprise that are translated to public IP addresses.

You can identify addresses using any of the following formats:

  • Hostname (e.g.
  • IP address (e.g.
  • Network/mask (e.g.
  • Network range (e.g.

Note: While you will be warned if your current IP address will be locked out upon saving the whitelist, it is quite possible to make a typing error and lock yourself out. In the event of this, contact support.

Enable Remote Session

Check or uncheck the Enable Remote Session option to disable or enable Remote Session on an account-wide basis. (For more information on Remote Session, see Remote Session.)

Require Two-Factor Authentication for all Users and Roles

Check or uncheck the Require Two-Factor Authentication for all Users and Roles option to disable or enable two-factor authentication on an account-wide basis. (For more information on LogicMonitor's use of two-factor authentication, see Two-Factor Authentication.)

Note: Currently, two-factor authentication is not enforced when logging in through our mobile client.

User Session Timeout

To ensure the security of your account and data, select an appropriate default timeout value for users from the drop-down menu. Inactivity for the specified length of time will result in a user account being logged out. By default, this length of time is set to four hours.

Upon login, users have the option to check the “Keep Me Signed In” option. If this option is left unchecked, they will be returned to the login screen after the specified period of inactivity has passed.

If your account has single sign-on (SSO) enabled, this setting still applies. The “Keep Me Signed In” option is ignored since session timeouts are also governed by your SSO identity provider. If you have a wall TV setup or another account that needs to remain logged in longer than the timeout value, there are two options available to you:

  • Use a Local Login account with a username and password and click “Keep Me Signed In” upon logging in.
  • Enable the Restrict Single Sign On setting found under Settings | User Access | Single Sign On. The account will still be subject to any session timeouts enforced by the SSO IDP, but if that timeout is longer than the one configured here, the session should re-authenticate and renew with the SSO system upon the LogicMonitor timeout (although this behavior can't be guaranteed within every environment).

Company Logo

Upload files for your account's heading and login logos from this area of the Portal Settings tab.


  1. Update your payment information
  2. View the past 12 invoices for your LogicMonitor account