Can I customize data collection intervals for a device?

Collection intervals determine how frequently data is collected and are configured per DataSource in the DataSource definition. Remember that everything in the DataSource definition propagates to all instances of that DataSource in your account. (For more information on the default collection intervals established in DataSource definitions, see Collection Interval.)

As shown next, you can override the collection interval for a DataSource on a particular device or for all devices in a particular group by adding a custom property at the device or device group level.

To add a collection interval property to a device or device group:

  1. Navigate to the device or device group from the device tree.
  2. Click the Manage button and, from the manage dialog that opens, scroll to the Properties area.
  3. Click the + icon located at the top of the properties table.
  4. Set a custom property with a name of "[DataSourceName].pollinginterval" and a value that represents the desired collection interval (in minutes).

    Note: Make sure you name your custom property using the DataSource name and not the DataSource display name; both are displayed in the DataSource definition.