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LogicMonitor + ServiceNow

LogicMonitor Incident Management Integration with ServiceNow

Fuel your ServiceNow deployment with LogicMonitor. The LogicMonitor Incident Management Integration with ServiceNow integration delivers the visibility, agility, and speed you need to level-up your customer experience. Using LogicMonitor’s in-app integration with ServiceNow, you can identify and respond faster and more efficiently to IT performance issues. Acknowledge all LogicMonitor alerts from within the ServiceNow application to eliminate workflow disruptions and streamline IT management.


  1. Alerts can be acknowledged from within ServiceNow, reducing the need to switch context when troubleshooting.
  2. Manage custom interactions between ServiceNow and LogicMonitor in a more streamlined and efficient way through automated Incident opens and closures and acknowledge alerts directly from ServiceNow Incident forms.
  3. Integration follows best practices for data integrations from ServiceNow
  4. Leverage greater flexibility in your ServiceNow application tools to customize your implementation with workflows and forms to best fit your environment.


  1. Automatic incident creation in ServiceNow based on a new alert triggered in LogicMonitor
  2. Alert acknowledgement automatically updates the incident in the ServiceNow portal
  3. Alert acknowledgement can be initiated from ServiceNow Incident forms
  4. Automatic incident update with changes to alert severity level in LogicMonitor
  5. ServiceNow Incidents close automatically when alerts clear in LogicMonitor


ServiceNow instance on Helsinki, Istanbul, Jakarta, or Kingston.

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