Dashboards and Widgets

What are widgets?

Data is added and displayed on dashboards through the creation of widgets. A variety of widget types enable the display of individual metrics, aggregate values, trends, status, and relational values.

What types of widgets are available?

There are a wide variety of widget types that can be added to your dashboards. Widget types include:

  • Alert List widget - alerts based on a variety of filters.
  • JobMonitor widget - quick view of JobMonitor status.
  • Big Number widget - one to four specific values which can be sum, min, max or aggregate.
  • Custom Graph widget - graph any combination of datapoints together in one graph.
  • Gauge widget - speedometer view of individual or aggregate metric performance
  • HTML widget - embed any secure URL direct into your dashboard.
  • Map widget - visual status by location.
  • NOC widget - visual representation of group, device, or application status.
  • Pie Chart widget - a useful way to display a metric in relation to other metrics, most commonly used for network traffic.
  • Website Status widget - View of the status of a website from multiple testing locations.
  • SLA widget - Displays the percentage of time available for one or more devices/widget.
  • Table widget - displays datapoint values across multiple devices for performance and capacity comparison. Alert forecasting is enabled within the Table widget.
  • Text widget - displays HTML text or images on your dashboard.

For instructions on adding widgets to a dashboard, see Adding and Configuring Widgets.